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By | April 12, 2013

Reading Tip

If you need to choose a possible answer, such as in matching, true-false or multiple choice, you must guess when you do not know the answer. Never leave these questions blank! Choose one or two answers and write them in the answer spaces. It is possible that you will get at least some right!


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When a severe storm comes, it is not uncommon to lose electrical power. There are measures you can take to prepare for a power outage.

First of all, have a non-electrical light source handy, such as a flashlight or candles. Keep a supply of fresh batteries for the flashlight and matches for the candles. Rural residents often keep lanterns that run on kerosene. Keep kerosene available, if you use lanterns during a storm. A battery-powered radio will help you stay informed with weather and emergency information. It is preferable, also, to unplug sensitive electrical equipment, such as computers, televisions and microwaves. Power surges or lightning strikes can damage these items.

ielts blog - reading practice - flashlight and matches

If there is the possibility of an extended storm, you should make additional preparations. For example, if you obtain your water from an electrical well, you can empty juice bottles for drinking and cooking, and cook over a camp stove. If you avoid drinking tap water, keep several large bottles of water in your garage or basement for emergencies. In addition, keep nourishing foods on hand that can be prepared and eaten without the use of electricity, such as fruit, bread and nuts.

ielts blog - reading practice - fruit and nuts

If you live in a cold-weather area, will need a plan to keep warm that does not involve electrical heat. Though you may have a gas furnace, most furnaces have electrical starters and will not work in a power outage. Keep several blankets on hand or purchase a gasoline-powered generator to run your furnace.

Boredom and tension are also common during extended storms. In this age of technology, people are accustomed to using their computer and phones for entertainment and news. Save your mobile phone for important calls only, and instead turn to traditional forms of entertainment that do not require power. Board games and parlor games are excellent alternatives in a storm.

ielts blog - reading practice - chess

Implementing a few simple strategies during a storm will ensure your safety and comfort, even when you are without power. In fact, being prepared for a power outage can mean the difference between a serious problem and a cozy family experience.

Questions 1-10

Complete each sentence with the correct ending A-K from the list below.

1 – When the television is not working,

2 – Keep kerosene available,

3 – Boredom and tension can result during a power outage

4 – If you lose power in the evening,

5 – A supply of batteries is essential

6 – Fruit and nuts

7 – Mobile phone and laptop use

8 – To avoid getting cold in a power outage

9 – Electrical equipment should be unplugged

10 – Board games and parlor games

Answer Choices

A – since there is little to do for entertainment.

B – to avoid possible damage from a power surge.

C – are easy ways to have fun without power.

D – use blankets or a gasoline-run generator for your furnace.

E – will ensure a pleasant and cozy experience for your family

F – are convenient alternatives to cooking.

G – is best to be restricted.

H – for flashlights and portable radios.

I – if you use lanterns during power outages.

J – keep a battery powered radio to get weather updates.

K – you will need to use candles and flashlights.


1 – J

2 – I

3 – A

4 – K

5 – H

6  – F

7 – G

8 – D

9 – B

10 – C


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