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Small American Diner Vector - Off White with Bright Pink Trim

American Diners

diner is a special kind of American restaurant. Diners are casual restaurants that serve American food. They are popular, and are often open very late. Diners are often visited by travelers, truck drivers, employees and people who enjoy typical American food. 

Terry's Coffee Shop in Brooklyn close to Marcy Ave station

Most diners have a stainless-steel exterior. The insides have booths and stools with counters. When diners were first started in 1872, they were small. They would first be made and then shipped to the owners. 

Fast Food Diner with Stainless Steel and Red Counter and Stools

Today, there are many kinds of diners. Some are small; others are very large. A few are quite famous. Some diners do not even look like diners anymore. However, you can still tell a diner by its menu.
Classic Looking Large Diner. Blue Stools and Off-White Countertop
1.  What is a diner?
2.  When did diners first start? How were they made?
3.  How can you tell that a restaurant is a diner?
4.  What does the inside of a diner look like?

5.  In your opinion, what are some reasons for diners becoming popular?


The menu below is a typical menu for a diner. 

Monroe Diner Menu

1. Scan the menu quickly. What foods have you tried from this menu?

2. What are some items that you would have for breakfastLunchDinnerDessert?

3. Imagine that you opened a new restaurant. Make up your own menu with prices. Include headings for each part of your menu.

4. Writing Topic: Some restaurants do very well. Others do not succeed and must be closed down. What makes a good restaurant? What makes a restaurant successful or not?

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