IELTS Bar Graph – Cancer Rates in the US

By | May 20, 2013

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Below is a double bar graph depicting cancer rates in the United States, courtesy of the National Cancer Institute.

Bar Graph Depicting Cancer Death Rates by Time Period/Ethnicity


1.      What is the title of this graph?
2.      What time period is covered in the graph?
3.      What do the numbers mean, on the left side of the graph?
4.      How many deaths per 100,000 were there, of Hispanic women in 2004-2008?
5.      How many white men per 100,000 died of cancer in 1999-2003?
6.      Which group had the greatest number of deaths per 100,000, in this graph?
7.      Which group had the least number of deaths?
8.      About how many Asian/Pacific Islander people died of cancer during 1999-2003?
9.      Which groups went down in this period? Which group went up? Which stayed the same?
10.   Design and draw your own bar graph below. Do this alone, or with a partner. Explain your bar graph to a partner.
 Download the worksheet for this activity below.
Understanding Bar Graphs - PDF Worksheet

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