How To Be More Confident Starting Today – Reading Practice

By | June 23, 2013
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What does confidence mean to you?

Do you know someone who is very confident? How do you know that they are?

The world has become a very competitive place. Everywhere we see people who are smarter, richer or better looking. The Internet and news are full of stories of people who have succeeded and people who have failed. All of this has made people anxious and has made some people less confident. Yet it does not have to be that way. You can become more confident. To be confident means to be sure of one’s self. To have confidence is to believe in your value and ability.

Practice these tips to become more confident today.

1.   Know why. Why do you want to be more confident? Write down the reasons. What will happen if you don’t become more confident? Write these down too. Knowing why will help you stay committed to your goal.
2.   Take two. Take two minutes every day to practice a confident pose. Stand with your back straight and your shoulders back. Do this in front of a mirror. Do it before important events.
3.   Record your successes. Everyone has successes. You have done many things in life to be proud of. Write them down and keep the list with you in your wallet or purse. Read them each day.
4.   Fake it. Imagine that you are a confident person. Stand with confidence and speak with confidence. Practice this for at least three weeks. In time, you will start to feel confident in your mind.
5.   Be polite. Being confident does not mean being rude or arrogant. It means respecting yourself and others. It means being true to yourself. You can do this and still remain polite. 
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What are your ideas about confidence? Test yourself and find out! Read each statement and decide if it is TRUE or FALSE.

1.      Managers are often more confident than other employees.
2.      It is easier to be confident when you are well-dressed.
3.      All good employees are confident.
4.      Mistakes always make a person lose confidence.
5.      People who are more beautiful are more confident.
6.      People who exercise are usually more confident.
7.      Self-confidence takes practice. There is no other way.
8.      A confident person has more friends than others.
9.      People who are confident usually make more money.
10.    Having confidence means not making mistakes.
11.    People with self-confidence are usually more successful.
12.    People who are confident usually take more risks.
13.    Confident people usually have confident children.
14.    You can be humble and confident at the same time.
15.    Arrogance and confidence are one and the same.
16.    People who are confident are usually more polite.
17.    People who are confident are usually ruder to others.
18.    Anyone can learn to be confident.

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