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By | November 4, 2013

IELTS Reading Tip

When you do sentence completion questions on the IELTS Reading exam, use clues in the sentences to help you. The words in the question are similar to the words in the passage. Try to find these similar words in the passage to find the location of the answer.
Ielts blog - Reading - Movember


Did you know that prostate cancer is a major problem in America and other countries? About 20,000 men die from it each year. Only men get this kind of cancer. Many people are aware of breast cancer, but they forget about prostate cancer. In 1999, some men in Australia wanted to help men with prostate cancer by raising awareness of the disease. These men wanted to raise money for a cure. Thirty Australian men grew a mustache for thirty days. A mustache is hair that grows on the lip. The men told people about their cause and also sold T-shirts advertising their project. People wanted to support awareness for prostate cancer, so they bought the T-shirts. They also told other people about theproject. The men named their project Movember.
Movember is a portmanteau word. It has to do with mustaches in November. Movember has grown considerably since 1999. So far, Movember has raised 175 million dollars for their cause.
Movember holds an entertaining event for people. Every year they have a contest for the best mustache. The man with the best mustache becomes famous. His face is used as the Movember face for one year. Many men grow mustaches the whole month. They try their best to win this famous contest.
Movember has helped many men with cancer. Some of the men who hear about it go to the doctor. They get screened for prostate cancer. The doctor checks if they have the cancer. Those who have it get treatment.  Getting early treatment for cancer increases the likelihood of survival. Thus, Movember has helped save countless lives.
There have been some problems with Movember. In 2007, a high school student was not allowed to take his exams. His school does not allow mustaches, and they told him that he must shave his mustache. The boy refused to shave it, and was denied permission to take his exam. People were upset with the boy’s school. They said that the mustache was for a good cause. Others said that the school is right. Rules are rules!
There was also a problem with money management within the Movember organization.  Some directors were being paid high salaries. In fact, the salaries were much too high. People became angry and demanded that the salaries be lowered. They wanted as much money as possible to go for cancer treatment and not people’s pockets!
All in all, Movember has been a success. Men are getting treated for cancer. People are coming together for an important cause.

Complete the sentences below. Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS  AND/OR A NUMBER from the passage for each answer.  (Answers below)

  1. About 20,000 American men die from _____ each year.
  2. Australian men wanted to _____ of prostate cancer.
  3. In 1999, _____ grew a mustache for a month.
  4. ‘Movember’ is a _____.
  5. So far, _____ has been raised to increase awareness of prostate cancer.
  6. It is important for men to _____ early for prostate cancer.
  7. A timely checkup for cancer increases the possibility of _____.
  8. A student was _____ to take his exams because of his Movember mustache.
  9. The directors of Movember received criticism for accepting _____.
  10. Movember has helped to raise money for a(n) _____.


  1. prostate cancer
  2. raise awareness
  3. 30 (Australian) men
  4. portmanteau
  5. 175 million dollars
  6. get screened
  7. survival
  8. denied permission
  9. high salaries
  10. important cause

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