Festivals Around the World – IELTS Reading Practice

By | December 15, 2013
Here is a sample reading practice with short answer questions. When doing short answer questions, choose the words from the passage, and do not change them.  Spelling is important, so copy the words exactly.
When you are finished, you can check your answers at the end of this post to see how well you did.
Hot air balloon and rainbow

There are many kinds of festivals around the world. Some of them are very old and some are new. People around the world love to celebrate. They do so with different festivals. Here are some interesting festivals around the world.

Night of the Radishes

People in Mexico celebrate radishes. Yes, radishes! A radish is a small, red vegetable. It is very spicy! Farmers carve radishes into different shapes. They make art with it. The festival lasts only a few hours. People come to enjoy the radish art. They also buy a lot of vegetables. Farmers make a lot of money at this festival, and people have a great time! Night of the Radishes is a new festival. It was started not too long ago.

International Balloon Festival

This Balloon festival is held in New Mexico, in America. People and companies make all kinds of hot air balloons. A hot air balloon is filled with heated air. The air in the balloon is hotter than the air around it. This makes the balloon rise. There is a basket attached to the balloon. People ride in the basket. The hot air balloons at the Balloon Festival are different shapes and sizes. People pay to ride in these balloons. Thousands of people come to watch them float in the air. They have picnicswhile they watch. Others buy fun snacks to each while they watch. People film the balloons with their cameras. People also buy T-shirts and other things to remind them of the festival.

Las Fallas Festival

The Las Fallas Festival is held in Spain. It is an old festival, from 500 years ago. People create puppets to poke fun at others. They often make puppets of famous actors and figures. The puppets are more than 20 feet tall. They are very big and different colors. The puppets are on display for many days. On March 19, men stuff the puppets with fireworks. They set off the fireworks to burn the puppets. One puppet is saved for the Museum. Las Fallas is a very noisy festival!
Ice sculptures at the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Harbin Ice Festival

This ice festival is held in China. It is the largest ice festival in the world. It starts in January and lasts about one month. People make artistic sculptures from ice and snow. They use lasers and lanterns to carve them. There are sculptures of flowers and artistic shapes, as well as other kinds. The artists leave them out for a month for people to see. More than a million people come to see the sculptures. It is very cold and everyone must wear jackets and hats. At night, the sculptures are strung with lights. People from around the world come to look at these brilliant ice sculptures.

Answer the questions below. Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.

  1. Why do people have festivals?
  2. What do people do with the radishes at the radish festival?
  3. How do farmers make money at the radish festival?
  4. What do people make at the Balloon Festival?
  5. What do thousands of people come to do at the Balloon Festival?
  6. Which festival is the oldest?
  7. Which festival is a little bit dangerous?
  8. Why festival is the coldest?
  9. What do people create at the Harbin Ice Festival?
  10. What kinds of sculptures do people make at the ice festival?


  1. to celebrate
  2. make art
  3. people buy vegetables
  4. hot air balloons
  5. watch these balloons
  6. Las Fallas Festival
  7. Las Fallas Festival
  8. ice sculptures
  9. Harbin Ice Festival
  10. flowers, artistic shapes

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