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By | February 22, 2014


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Have you ever heard of Ramona Quimby? Most American children have heard of Ramona. Ramona Quimby is a character from Beverly Cleary’s books. Beverly Cleary is a famous author. She wrote more than 30 children’s books. Beverly has sold more than 91 million books in English! Her books are also translated into other languages. Children around the world enjoy Beverly Cleary’s books.

Beverly Cleary
Beverly was born and raised in Oregon. She was born in 1916. When Beverly was little, she lived on a farm called Yamhill. There was no library near Yamhill. Beverly’s mother asked the Oregon State Library to send books to Yamhill.
 After some time, the Clearys moved to Portland. At first, Beverly did not like her new school. She could not read well. Beverly did not like to read boring school books. Later, Beverly found some interesting books at the library. She read them over and over. Beverly wanted to write interesting books for kids. She did not want kids to have only boring books.
Beverly’s first book was Henry Huggins. She wrote it more than 60 years ago! Henry Huggins is still popular today. It is about a boy, his dog and their friends. It takes place on Klickitat Street, in Portland.
Beverly’s most popular books are those about Ramona Quimby. Beverly wrote several books before her Ramona books. Ramona is a spunky girl who sometimes makes mistakes. Many book characters today are spunky too. Yet this was not so when Beverly first wrote about Ramona. Ramona is a bit like Beverly was, as a child. Through Ramona, Beverly speaks to all kids about what it is like to be young.
Why are Beverly Cleary’s books still popular? They are popular for many reasons. In her books, Beverly speaks to children in a respectful way. The child feels that someone understands them. They know how Ramona, Henry and the other kids feel. Adults do not always understand kids, but Beverly does! Also, in Beverly’s books, children learn by trying to fix their mistakes. No one gives them long lessons about how to be good. It is a child’s world with a child’s problems, and the victories are that of the child.
Beverly Cleary is now 97 years old. She enjoyed writing her book all these years. She is happy that her readers still enjoy reading them! (532.038)
1. Where was Beverly Cleary born?2. From where did Beverly’s mother get books for her?3. What kind of books did Beverly have at school to read?4. What was the name of the character in Beverly’s first book?5. How many books did Beverly write?

6. What is Beverly’s attitude towards children and their problems?

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