IELTS Vocabulary – Quick Quiz

By | March 9, 2014

ielts blog quick quiz

Try this quiz to improve your IELTS vocabulary. Time yourself for 2 minutes. Then check your answer to see how well you did!

_____ 1.      mood A. I eat eggs for breakfast and chicken for lunch.
_____ 2.      mix B. Sarah is feeling very serious today.
_____ 3.      light meal C. People with diabetes must watch what they eat.
_____ 4.      occasionally D. My sandwich got wet and tasted awful!
_____ 5.      trend E. I would say there are about 20 people in this room.
_____ 6.      disgusting F. I go to Sugar Sprinkles a few times a month.
_____ 7.      estimate G. In a fruit salad, you _____all kinds of fruit together.
_____ 8.      flavor H. Coffee has a strong and bitter _____.
_____ 9.      consume I. Many people use smart phones these days.
_____ 10.   diet J. I usually have just a yogurt and banana for lunch.


1. B     2. G     3.J       4. F     5. I     6. D     7. E     8. H   9. A    10. C

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