An Easy Guide to Comparative Adjectives for IELTS

By | April 21, 2014

Practice writing comparative adjectives correctly for the Writing and Speaking parts of the IELTS exam. Here is an easy guide to help you.

Try out the exercises for practice!

A. Comparatives compare two things.


comparative adjective + than.

Example: Mona is taller than Karim.


Write the correct form of each comparative adjective below.

  1.  My house is bigger than your house! (big)
  2. The red bag is much _____ _____ the blue bag. (cheap)
  3. Professors are usually _____ _____ than students. (quiet)
  4. My English term paper was surprisingly _____ _____ the math project. (easy)
  5. Japanese writing is _____ _____ than French. (hard)

B. Some comparatives use more + adjective + than.

Example: Cheesecake is more delicious than sushi.

Write the correct form of the comparative adjective for each sentence below.

  1. Many artists are more creative than doctors. (creative)
  2. Chocolate is often considered _____ _____ _____ fruit. However, fruit is _____. (delicious, healthy)
  3. By the ounce, gold is always _____ _____ _____ silver. (expensive)
  4. Cola is _____ _____ _____ than orange soda. (popular)
  5. My grandmother is _____ _____ _____ my sister. (traditional)

Write the correct form of each adjective, in the sentences below. Some are comparative and some are not!

  1. My car is very _______________. (fast)
  2. Fazila is much _______________ Jaimee. (tall)
  3. My sister Joan and I always make an effort to be _______________ to our parents. (nice)
  4. Pizza is definitely a _______________ than salad. (popular)
  5. Foreign cars are usually _______________ domestic cars. (expensive)
  6. Students are typically __________, although pasta is equally _______________. (fond, delicious)
  7. Carlita is a _______________ girl. She is often considered _______________ her sister. (pretty)
  8. Both Kim and Lina have _______________ hair. However, Kim’s hair is slightly _______________ Lina’s hair. (long)
  9. Ahmad is a _______________ businessman. In fact, he is far _______________ his brother. (rich)
  10. Shalimar is an _______________ fragrance, though it’s _______________ than many perfumes. (elegant, mild)

C. Some comparative adjectives are irregular.

good → better than

a lot → more than

bad → worse than

Write the correct form of each adjective below. Some are comparative and some are not!

  1. Restaurants in New York City are _____ _____ Los Angeles. (good)
  2. Heart disease is _____ _____ influenza. (bad)
  3. Thought Kim would buy either model, she thinks that Hondas are _____ _____ Toyotas. (good)
  4. Thankfully, my grades from 2014 are _____ _____ my grades from 2013. (good)
  5. I ate _______________ of chocolate. In fact, I ate _______________ my brother did! (a lot)

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