Eating Healthy, Eating Out – IELTS Reading Quiz

By | May 4, 2014
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Many people today have problems when it comes to food. Some people are allergic to certain foods. Others want to eat only organic food. Still others worry about staying slim.
Allergies are a common problem today. Some people are allergic to milk. Others are allergic to nuts. People who are allergic to many foods often eat at home. Others may eat out, but they bring some of their food with them. However, it is still possible to eat out. Most restaurants today have special foods for people with allergies. You can order nondairy meals, eggless dishes or wheat-free foods.
There are people who do not have allergies, but they still want to eat healthy. They only want to have healthy and natural food. They do not want chemicals in their food. For this reason, some restaurants have dishes made only from organic ingredients.
Many people are also concerned about their weight. They want to stay slim. They may eat only vegetarian food or food without a lot of fat. Restaurants often have vegetarian or low-fat dishes for such people.

Whether you have allergies or want to eat only healthy foods, restaurants today have many delicious and healthy choices. It is a good time to be eating out!

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