IELTS Vocabulary – Quick Quiz

By | September 28, 2014

ielts blog quick quiz

Try this exercise to improve your IELTS vocabulary. Time yourself for 2 minutes. Then check your answer to see how well you did!

_____ 1.      punctual A. My silk blouse feels very soft and slippery.
_____ 2.      expect B. Jim does not eat nuts because of his allergies.
_____ 3.      accomplishment C. I think our guests will come around  6 o’clock.
_____ 4.      texture D. I cooked a big, delicious meal for my whole family.
_____ 5.      appreciate E. Students must come to class on time.
_____ 6.      perhaps F. I had a hundred cups of coffee today!
_____ 7.      cultural G. I hugged and thanked my mother for her present.
_____ 8.      select H. I picked out a dress for my sister’s wedding.
_____ 9.      exaggerate I. henna, kimono, Arabic coffee, face paint
_____ 10.   avoid J. Maybe I will go to the mall this evening. I’m not sure.


1. E     2. C     3. D      4. A     5. G     6. J     7. I     8. H   9. F    10.B

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