11 Simple Phrases for a Higher IELTS Score

By | March 25, 2015


It’s normal to be nervous at interviews. The IELTS Speaking Interview is no different!

Don’t worry if you are nervous about the speaking interview! Here are some phrases that you can use to buy time at the Speaking Interview. Remember, it is important to keep talking during the interview. Using these phrases can help you to keep talking. These phrases can help raise your fluency and vocabulary score.

Also, remember: Your speaking examiner is a human being. He or she will appreciate good manners and will be pleased to see you using polite phrases in English.

By using these 11 phrases, your speaking interview will be easier and you will be more fluent. You will also increase your vocabulary.

Memorize these phrases. Practice saying them each 10-20 times until you can say them naturally. If you can, say them in front of a mirror or to a friend. Practice them in your daily conversation whenever you can.


1. You don’t understand the question or you want the question repeated


Sorry, could you please repeat that?

2. Giving your opinion

I believe that…

I would have to say that…

3. You need time to think.

Let me see.

How can I put this?

4. Agreeing

Yes, I agree.

I would have to agree.

5. Disagreeing

I would have to disagree.

I’m afraid I don’t agree.

6. You want to finish up your talk

So, basically…

These 11 phrases will be like tools in your pocket at the speaking interview. They will be there for you when you need them. Good luck!

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