5 Free Sentences for Any IELTS Problem-solution Essay

By | April 16, 2015

Problem-solution essays can be hard. It’s not easy to think of ways to solve a problem. Also, some students get nervous about writing 250 words.

One easy way to relax when you write this kind of essay is to know some sentences you can use for any problem-solution essay.

Here are 5 sentences that you can use in any problem- solution essay. You can see how these 5 sentences are used in this essay about global warming.


Try to match each sentence to its meaning below. Answers are at the end.

1 – There is much that ordinary people can do.

2 – Though the problem is serious, there are measures that governments and individuals can take to address it.

3 – Taking measures at both the government and individual level will help to reduce its effects.

4 – The most effective way to combat a problem is through education.

5 – Positive measures are also important.

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A – It is a big problem, but the government and people can do things to fix the problem.

B – We should do good things to fix the problem.

C – If both the government and the people do things, then the problem will get better.

D – Normal people can do a lot of things to fix a problem.

E -The best way to fix the problem is to teach people how to fix it.


1 – D

2 – A

3 – C

4 – E

5 – B

Learn how these 5 sentences are used in a model IELTS essay about global warming

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