Never Misspell These Words on the IELTS Again!

Spelling is important on the IELTS writing exam! You don’t have to spell everything perfectly, but you should spell most words correctly. Misspelling common words will lower your score. Many students misspell the 24 words below. Study these words and then try the practice quiz below.  Answers are at the end. Choose the correct spelling for each word. allmost /… Read More »

IELTS Reading Practice – True/False, Diagram Completion

In this IELTS reading practice, you learn True/False/Not given Diagram completion IELTS READING TIP What is your goal on the IELTS Reading Exam? Your goal is to answer the questions. That’s it. Read the questions first! If you read the questions first, you can focus on your goal of answering the questions. After you read the questions, read the passage. Starting with… Read More »

23 Short & Easy Answers to Your IELTS Questions

Do you have questions about the IELTS exam? Here are short and easy answers to your most common questions about IELTS. If your question is not here, ask in the Comments to get an answer to your question. 1 – What does ‘IELTS’ mean? ‘IELTS’ is short for International English Language Testing System. 2 – Why do people take the IELTS… Read More »