IELTS Reading Maximizer

IELTS Reading Maximizer: For High Scores on the Reading Exam

Use IELTS Reading Maximizer to raise your IELTS reading score 1-2 bands in 30 days. Contains 15 reading passages and over 150 questions, including warm up exercises, practice exercises and answers to all questions. Passages from psychology, biology, the environment and other areas also build your vocabulary. A bonus section contains critical tips to raise your IELTS band score. This book is for advanced students.

Need to improve your reading first? Try Story by Story Plus.

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Build reading ability quickly & easily. Intensive reading program for BASIC INTERMEDIATE ESL students & students learning to read. A great resource for beginning IELTS students. 25 stories & 150 activities.
FEATURES: Pictures, Pre-reading, Comprehension/discussion questions, Graphic organizers, Vocabulary, Grammar, & Writing. Appendix. Answer Key. 296 pages.

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