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23 Short & Easy Answers to Your IELTS Questions

Do you have questions about the IELTS exam? Here are short and easy answers to your most common questions about IELTS. If your question is not here, ask in the Comments to get an answer to your question. 1 – What does ‘IELTS’ mean? ‘IELTS’ is short for International English Language Testing System. 2 – Why do people take the IELTS… Read More »

Eating Healthy, Eating Out – IELTS Reading Quiz

Here is a worksheet you can print out and use to improve your reading comprehension. You’ll need to download the worksheet to view it and use it. When you do the IELTS reading, you must get your answers fast. There are 3 questions on this quiz. Try to do them in 3 minutes or less! EATING HEALTHY – EATING OUT   Many people today… Read More »

An Easy Guide to Comparative Adjectives for IELTS

Practice writing comparative adjectives correctly for the Writing and Speaking parts of the IELTS exam. Here is an easy guide to help you. Try out the exercises for practice! A. Comparatives compare two things. Use comparative adjective + than. Example: Mona is taller than Karim. PRACTICE Write the correct form of each comparative adjective below.  My house is bigger… Read More »

IELTS Worksheet – Breakfast Around the World

Good Morning & Happy Monday! Today’s worksheet is a reading with two IELTS-style tasks – comprehension questions and a Writing Task 1. I’ve also included an answer key for the comprehension questions. You’ll need to download the worksheet to view it and use it. If you’re interested in improving your IELTS Reading score in the next few weeks, visit my blog this… Read More »

Superlative Adjectives

Superlative adjectives describe the difference between three things.   ·         For adjectives with 1 syllable, use the+ -est.    ·         If an adjective ends in 1 vowel and 1 consonant, double the consonant, as in big à the biggest.  ·         If the adjective ends in –e, add only –st., as in nice à the nicest. ·         For most adjectives with two… Read More »

Comparative Adjectives

Comparative adjectives describe the difference between two things. For adjectives with one syllable, use adjective + er. The word “than” often follows comparative adjectives. (high –> higher, low –> lower) If an adjective ends in one vowel and one consonant, double the consonant. (as in big –> bigger). If the adjective ends in –e, just add –r.  (large –> larger) For most adjectives with two or more syllables, use more… Read More »

Princess Cruises Allows 2 Castaways to Die! – IELTS Essay Practice

Read the article below about Princess Cruises. Then answer the comprehension questions and IELTS practice essay question at the bottom of the page.     PRINCESS CRUISES ALLOWS TWO CASTAWAYS TO DIE! Have you ever heard of Princess Cruises? They are a large and famous cruise ship company. Princess Cruises is famous because their boat was used for the film series The Love Boat. A Princess… Read More »