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Confident English in 10 Easy Steps – Speaking Tips

Here are some tips to help you build confidence when speaking English and for the IELTS Speaking exam. Confident English in 10 Easy Steps – Part 1  It is natural to feel shy when speaking another language. I learned three new languages besides English, so I know all about this! You can overcome shyness – I promise you… Read More »

How to Stop Phone Bill Fraud – Essay Practice

  WHAT ARE ALL THOSE FEES? Imagine this: You are looking at your phone bill and you are confused! You see a fee for web hosting. The problem is that you do not know what web hosting is! Also, your bill lists two international calls, but all your friends and family live in the country! Lastly, there is a charge for a call to a 900 number.… Read More »

Phone Cramming – ESL Worksheet

Good Morning & Happy Monday! I have a simple article and activities for today, one that is easy on the teacher as well as the student. I crave easy and simple activities this time of year, but still have to keep things very productive. Since I prepare students for academic ESL exams (IELTS & TOEFL), I must keep… Read More »

Use Your Computer as a Library!

Download & Print this Activity Print and download the attached worksheet to learn more about libraries and about the United States Library of Congress. Use Your Computer As a Library! Here are some online sites that you can use to read stories and articles.   Oxford Primary    Children’s Storybooks Online    Stories to Read Online   … Read More »