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Practice IELTS graph questions

Never Misspell These Words on the IELTS Again!

Spelling is important on the IELTS writing exam! You don’t have to spell everything perfectly, but you should spell most words correctly. Misspelling common words will lower your score. Many students misspell the 24 words below. Study these words and then try the practice quiz below.  Answers are at the end. Choose the correct spelling for each word. allmost /… Read More »

Crazy Sale at Walmart – IELTS Task 1 – Table

Read the article below about a crazy sale at Walmart in 2013. Then answer the comprehension questions and IELTS practice essay question at the bottom of the page.  CRAZY SALE AT WALMART  Did you ever wish you had more money to spend? At Walmart, in 2013, people did not need much money to buy some expensive things.  Computer monitors sold for $9 and… Read More »