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Practice IELTS reading

IELTS Reading Practice – True/False, Diagram Completion

In this IELTS reading practice, you learn True/False/Not given Diagram completion IELTS READING TIP What is your goal on the IELTS Reading Exam? Your goal is to answer the questions. That’s it. Read the questions first! If you read the questions first, you can focus on your goal of answering the questions. After you read the questions, read the passage. Starting with… Read More »

IELTS Reading Practice – Matching

Reading Tip If you need to choose a possible answer, such as in matching, true-false or multiple choice, you must guess when you do not know the answer. Never leave these questions blank! Choose one or two answers and write them in the answer spaces. It is possible that you will get at least some right! READING PRACTICE… Read More »