Diet Tips – ESL Article for Students

5 HEALTHY WAYS TO CONTROL YOUR HUNGER Hunger can be a problem for people on a diet. A person may want to lose weight to be healthy, or to fit into a dress. However, people fear diets because they fear being hungry. Here are some tips you can use to slim down without feeling hungry. Always speak with your doctor before you go… Read More »

How to Use Pictures to Understand What You Read – For ESL Students

How to Use Pictures to Understand What You Read Do you read something in English and you do not understand it? This happens to everyone. This even happens to English speakers.  It can happen in Math, Science, History or English.  If you do not understand what you read, use the pictures to help you.   Here is how: 1. Quickly read the first few sentences.… Read More »

Water – The Stuff of Life – ESL Science Article for ESL Students

This is a science article about water. You can download the worksheet for this article, below.  Enjoy and thanks for visiting!  What would we do without water? Every living thing needs water. Earth is the only planet that has water on it, and it is the only planet known to support life. Earth is mostly covered with water. Over three-quarters of the earth’s surface is covered with water. Water fills… Read More »

ESL Stories & Articles – Mel’s Diner – ESL Students

Mel’s Diner Here is a story and activity about American Diners. Enjoy! Vocabulary Wordsdiner                    restaurant casual                  popular employee             typical stainless steel      exterior booth                  stool counter               shipped owner                 menu Directions: Fill in each blank in the story with the word that fits best. Emma and Chris were married on the first of May. The next morning, Emma and Chris decided to… Read More »

American Diners – ESL Article for ESL Students

I do hope  you enjoy this story. Please let me know what you think about them! I would love to hear from you!  American Diners A diner is a special kind of American restaurant. Diners are casual restaurants that serve American food. They are popular, and are often open very late. Diners are often visited by travelers, truck drivers, employees and people who enjoy typical American food.  Most diners… Read More »

For ESL Students – Boston Marathon Bombing – ESL Article

The Boston Marathon Bombing Have you ever run in a race? The Boston Marathon is one of the world’s most famous races. It has been in the news many times, for example, when Kenyan runner Geoffrey Mutai set a world running record in 2011. This year, the Boston Marathon has been in the news more than ever. The Boston Marathon is an annual marathon. It… Read More »

Computer Icons – ESL Article

Computer Icons When you first turn on your computer or cell phone (mobile phone), what do you see on the screen? In most cases, you see pictures, not words. Most computers and cell phone screens show pictures, or icons. Icons are small, simple images. They are used as shortcuts to computer files and programs. Icons look different for each program or type of file that we use. Popular… Read More »