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IELTS Essay – Vocabulary – Compare & Contrast – The Best Way to Use Your Spare Time

DIRECTIONS: READ THE ESSAY BELOW. FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH THE APPROPRIATE VOCABULARY WORD. Question: Some people believe that it is better to spend your free time on useful activities, while others feel that free time is best used for relaxation. What are your opinions on this? Free time is limited, and therefore 1_____, to most people. As… Read More »

IELTS Essay – Compare & Contrast – Using Transition Words

This is an IELTS activity to help students master the use of transition words. Transition words are extremely important in writing a good essay and scoring well on the IELTS. They can mean the difference between a 6 or a 7, for example.   DIRECTIONS: FILL IN THE BLANKS WITH THE APPROPRIATE TRANSITION/SIGNAL WORD.   Question: Some people believe… Read More »