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How To Extend IELT Speaking Answer

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How To Extend IELT Speaking Answer 2

The IELTS speaking test is a way for students to demonstrate their English language skills. The IELTS examiner will listen carefully to how clearly you speak because they’re looking to see whether or not you can communicate in a natural and appropriate way. While it may be necessary to use more complex grammatical structures at times, try to keep these down to a minimum because they can sometimes lead you to make more mistakes when speaking.

Fortunately, there are some best ways you can keep your IELTS speaking answers running smoothly without using any difficult or unfamiliar grammar. Extending your answer is one of the best IELT speaking exam tips. Follow these tips carefully, and with practice, you will be able to extend your answers without getting stumped on what to say next.


Conjunctions are extremely useful in IELTspeaking test. Conjunctions join words together and help to combine sentences, phrases, and paragraphs seamlessly – making the flow from thought to thought smoother than ever. There are many types of conjunctions: linking (coordinating) conjunctions such as and, or, but and subordinating conjunctions, for example, because or although.

Examiner will ask from you: Where do you live?

Simple answer: I currently live with my parents and older brother.

Best answer: I currently live in houses with my parents and my older brother. My brother is getting married next, weak so his new wife will soon be moving in with us.


Examples are like our best friends. They make it a little easier to understand concepts and make our lives easier. You can improve the use of examples by doing IELT speaking practice online. You can also give an example for almost anything. To give an example, you can say: let me give you an example – For example, for instance, &tc.

Question: What is the definition of volunteer

Short Answers: Volunteering means giving your time to help others.

Long Answers: Volunteering is spending your free time to help others. For example, helping children learn a useful new skill if their families don’t have the money to pay for classes.


The IELTS speaking test is a way for students to assess their English language skills; it is essential to extend your answers. Reasons can strengthen your responses and help explain your logic. If you’ve got an opinion or an idea, supporting it with a reason will make it much stronger, which will make your response longer too. You can say things like this because reasoning is a widely used tool in philosophy and debate that tells us something about the quality of our argumentation and how we’re reasoning.

Which family member do you get along best with?

Short Answer: My Father

Long answer: It’s hard to say, as we are all so close. I guess I probably get on best with my father as we are the most alike.


What makes you a great teammate depends on the situation, but that is why it’s important to know yourself and what you would like your role to be. Sometimes a role requires input from everyone, and sometimes, it is more manageable when one person takes all responsibility for being a leader. It boils down to the frequency of what happens. If you find yourself consistently being bothered by a private issue, then it might be time to take action now or at least voice your concerns with someone in charge who can offer some advice.

Question: Do you lead an active lifestyle

Simple answer: I lead an inactive lifestyle

Best answer: I usually go for walks with my family a few times a week, but I don’t often exercise because I’m always busy with school and other things. I think my daily life is enough exercise for me.

Past Future

If you discuss your past and future, people will notice it adds more depth to your answer. As an example, “Back then,” “Since then,” or “Going forward” are all good ways to explain yourself while it is essential to give thorough answers on the IELTS as this is an important part of the test, it is equally critical to create responses that are not only complete but also flow in a logical and natural way. Doing this will enable the examiner to get a more accurate image of your speaking ability in English.

Question: Do you like your coworkers?

Simple answers: We don’t like each other.

Best Answer: My coworkers and I are not good friends. In fact, we’re almost polar opposites in many ways. But I do appreciate the help that they have given me over the past few years.

To be successful on the IELTS speaking test, you need to answer questions that flow and sound like a conversation. Keep your answers concise while still providing enough information to show that you understand the question. By doing this, you’ll be able to show the examiner that you know how to use English effectively even when it’s not required. Additionally, by practicing your answers in a natural way, you can make them sound more powerful and persuasive. We hope these IELT speaking exams tips will be much helpful in IELTspeaking exam. For more blog, visit our website @

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