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How To Quickly Get Faster At Writing An IELT Essay

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How To Quickly Get Faster At Writing An IELT Essay! What is IELT writing test very hot topic these days. Essay is an essential part of IELT writing test. Unfortunately, you only have 60 minutes to write both the 250-word Task 2 and the 150 Word Task 1 essays during the exam. So, in addition to working hard outside of exams, be very efficient in your time management. You will have 40 minutes to write and need strong vocabulary for IELT essays. But some of this time should be used to plan adequately so that you have a clear road map of where you need to go with your argument.

How To Quickly Get Faster At Writing An IELT Essay 2

Keep Your Introduction Short

The people at IELTS believed that candidates spend too much time on their introductions. Even though they thought it was important, they didn’t want a lot of detail because they felt that this would take away from the body paragraphs. They wanted to keep them simple and straight-to-the-point, which is why the instructions were very basic. Writing the introduction should feel fairly natural for you and keep you roughly within a paragraph’s limit. Paraphrase the task response, give your viewpoint, and add some general concluding thoughts by providing one or two sentences to wrap things up.

One great way of writing your introduction is to be quick but also make sure that you have given the reader enough information about your essay in that one paragraph. If you don’t know what is an IELT writing test you need to follow this tip carefully. It will save you a lot of time later on when it’s time to write your body paragraphs as then all you will need to do is come up with reasons for why you came up with intro statements and then elaborate upon them in the main part of your essay.

Body Paragraph

You should have about 2 or 3 body paragraphs for your essay, and no more or less. Each body paragraph in an essay should have one controlling idea, and it should be supported by sentences that help build the point even further. Within each body paragraph, you should describe your points in more detail by expanding upon them. This is also where you provide additional insight into the main point you are trying to establish with your supporting content.

Before you write your main paragraphs, think about each point you want to make and ask yourself questions to help guide you to completing this task. Once you get an idea of what you want to say, move on to the next step. Keep this essential tip in mind during ILET exam.


The conclusion is an integral part of your essay in ILET exam. It’s where you sum up all that you previously discussed and tie everything together in a single paragraph. It should not take up an extensive amount of time. Just a few sentences will do the trick. The gist of the conclusion is basically restating any main ideas from your body paragraphs here in one condensed paragraph.

For example

I believe that it is crucial for governments to implement regulations on the airline industry in order to increase environmental awareness and reduce air pollution.

Practice Efficiently

If you don’t have strong vocab for IELT you need to practice efficiently. Take a blank sheet of paper and write down everything that you know about the process of writing essays. Make sure you start off by writing all the parts you understand correctly and what your current weak spots are in this process so that you can focus on improving them with your studies. It will definitely give you the confidence to try and create different types of wording when needed, as well as organize your thoughts better. It also helps to improve vocab for IELTS.

Final Thought

It’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. Try to apply these strengths consistently in your day-to-day writing so that you can focus on improving those weak areas that tend to get you down. The unique IELTS essay questions will force your brain to call upon those problem-solving skills that have been resting idly by the wayside. They will strengthen the weak areas of your brain and help improve your writing as well over time on How To Quickly Get Faster At Writing An IELT Essay. We hope this blog will be much helpful for you. For more blogs and articles, keep visiting our website @

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