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Useful Links & Resources for IELTS

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This page cointains useful links to IELTS webpages that can help students improve their IELTS skills. This page have informations about website that have study reasources on both Academic and General IELTS test. We hope this materials can be of great use to students that visits our website.

Informations About IELTS

IELTS Frequently Asked Questions

IELTS Official Websites Links

The Official IELTS Website

IDP Website for IELTS

British Council Website for IELTS

IELTS Free Answer Sheet Sample

This Answer sheet is useful to student who are practicing the IELTS exam using
answer sheet before the real exam.

IELTS Listening Answer Sheet Sample

IELTS Reading Answer Sheet Sample

IELTS Writing Answer Sheet Sample

IELTS Writing Answer Sheet Task 1

IELTS Writing Answer Sheet Task 2

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